Texas born and raised, gay, and bi-racial, Donovan's mix of influences in both music and life are varied and complex, just like him.

Playing violin since the age of 5, piano since 8, and guitar since his early 20s, Donovan's world has always been immersed in music.   

Published in 2019, his book Heartaches, a poetry memoir, tells the story of a bi-racial, gay, iconoclastic man's plethora of emotional pain through his experiences of  heartwrenching lost loves, bigotry, and the pain of the human experience.   

His first album,by the same name as his book, Heartaches, is an album of music he has written (lyrics and music), to further express these emotions through music.   

Donovan considers this simply to be yet another creative expression of his work and although he doesn't consider himself a professional signer/songwriter by any means, it brings him joy and catharsis to complete a complete musical work that so he can share a part of his soul with the world.


Donovan Lord, the talented and visionary artist, is set to captivate audiences with his latest electronic dance track, “Misunderstood.” This powerful song, with its driving beat and infectious chorus, delves into the personal journey of Donovan Lord, shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals who have been misunderstood and misrepresented.” - Honk Magazine

Honk Magazine

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If your joy is derived from what society thinks of you, you're always going to be disappointed.” - Madonna

— Madonna

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